051209 Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship
Today I got a call from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. They where interested in using DaGame as one of their projects for their students coming year. The students will use it to learn how to commercialize projects and their efforts aim to result in a new growth company. This could be a start of something wonderful for the DaGame project.

Current events
I say hello to the students interesting in the DaGame project. The best way to get a grip of the scope is to check out the showcase. For more in-depth information please run through the topics on this site.

If you find it interesting and want to join the DaGame project please send a mail to me at

Project status
My initial objective when visualizing the project on the web page was to get Synergenix to take on DaGame. They found it to be “a fantastic idea with great potential” and “a candidate with granted certification”. Unfortunately it didn’t fit into their strategy but they liked it so much that they initiated the DaGame thread in the Synergenix Mophun Forum.

Right now I’m working towards several part objectives:

I want to get in contact with other game development companies to see if they wanted to produce it. The Forum thread is one channel. Next I’ll mail all the companies represented in the Mophun member list with a more direct approach.


Pre-production – I need to validate the project’s feasibility. I’m working on to connect pro bono programmers to the project in order to enlight the technical limitations, and further on, to find and test solutions. Besides the Forum thread channel I’ll try to entice student at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm and UU (University of Uppsala) to join the project. The advertising campaign will be launched in early autumn.

My ordaining at BTH (Technology Institute of Blekinge) has ended so I’m looking for a job. I hope to combine the DaGame project with a new job. DaGame cannot be realized without my input. Thanks to my participation in the PC game Teazle and its development I’ve unique experience in the core gameplay of DaGame (see my Forum thread post about Teazle).  
My main focus now is to develop a small web version of the DaGame Project. I don't know how far I can go by myself but I'll strive for a completion of several workable InGames with corresponding High Score Lists (HSL) and an over all HSL.  

About the game concept
First I started to approach Synergenix due to the fact that I already had spoken to them earlier when I was in charge of the Digital Game Production course at BTH in Karlshamn. The DaGame project doesn’t have to be implemented in the Mophun platform. If it’s feasible in Java or with some other technical solutions this will also be interesting.

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