Pre-production stages
Each stage towards the production stage needs certain human qualifications in order to be finalized. Since the project funding occur first at stage 3 I need to attract people that find this enough interesting to be part of.

Students are the most likely target group for this purpose – they have the required skills and as an incentive their achievements within the DaGame project (with some luck) fall into the scope of one of their course plans.

Hopefully we can keep the working group joined throughout the pre-production stages into the actual production. Then one possible course of action would be to start a company to continue what we have started.

Stage 1 – Validation
For this stage we need a few programmers

What has to be done?
Developing on the Mophun platform is developing in C++. The API has to be analyzed towards the functionality in DaGame. Many of the DaGame features can be risky to implement due to the fact that we don’t know today if it’s feasible. We have to validate the main features in DaGame.

The time is now?
When the DaGame idea first emerged a few years ago the technology limitations, the user-end usage structures and the high-end hardware penetration within the target group all contributed to freeze the game idea. Now I think all these hindrances are, or soon will be resolved. It’s time to launch the DaGame project again, starting with finding out if these hindrances really are gone.

Limitation categories
When we have highlighted the technology limitations we have to divide them into two categories by the target of their solutions.
• Platform based – requirements that the Mophun platform doesn’t yet allow implementing.
• Hardware based – Example: phone memory size.

Size limit is an example of a problem that files under both categories. In a feature version of the Mophun platform we like to see a increased allocation of memory for each game, plus a multi-game linkage handling structure. For the hardware issue total size available on mobile phones is increasing each new launch. I hope we can give a good estimate of the expected size after contacting involved parties.

List of requirements
With a list of requirements wishes we can lobby Synergenix to implement them in a feature version of Mophun. Signs from Mitri at Synergenix indicate that this can be done if the changes aren’t too major. Other problem fields we probably will encounter and have to look into are communication between phones and server, downloading and integrating new games on-the-fly, highscore handling etc.

Other solutions
The Synergenix platform Mophun (now reinforced with B'ngo creator TTP Com) is not the only possible solution for DaGame. Maybe the DaGame project will easier be implemented with Java (J2ME) or another solution (InFusio's BREW, Nokia and SEGA's Snap for N'Gage etc.)

Stage 2 – Project plan
For this stage we need a few programmers and business skills.

What has to be done?

Stage 3 – Venture capital
For this stage we need people with skills in marketing, advertising, graphic design and business.

What has to be done?
“The way to go about this is to get in contact with all the institutions available to raise money”…

Stage 4 – Production
Assemble a production crew
Available development team: (GamerA).

What has to be done?

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